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Singapore is a global hub for business and investment. It has a well developed infrastructure, proficient banking with numerous legal and financial service providers, excellent communications network, social and political stability, not forgetting a skilled and highly educated workforce to support the economy and the whole business Eco system. As a result, many large enterprises set their their regional headquarters at it’s shore.

In this vibrant economy of Singapore with simple tax system, she emerges as the top country that is the easiest to do business in according to World Bank’s “Doing Business” Report 2015 (Ref:

At, we assist local and overseas companies that are setting up their office in Singapore. With access to thousands of office listings each month across the island, we have the large database listing to give you ample options, the listening ear to understand your business operation requirements and the expertise to guide you through the whole process so that you can spend more time to take care of other things that matter most in your business set up. You may access some of the latest featured office listing to find out the options that are available office space in today’s market

Some of the consideration such as the company budget that is set aside for setting up a new office space includes choosing a bare unit office, partial fitted office, or fitted office.

High office rental rates is the amount you need to pay to find the best locations , however with the help of our consultants, you could possibly just be pleased to find a suitable rental location for even the tightest of budgets . For overseas companies, one of the first step in business is usually to decide where you could possibly build your business as sometimes it is through your business address where people determine how establish is your company. The location will also determine where you will want to live as you get a chance to move to a location where you would really enjoy working, living and have fun at the same vicinity before settling down in Singapore on a long term basis to grow your business.

Office Building Cluster Across Singapore.

Singapore Map
The above shows the map of Singapore subdivided base on the different geographical region for your easy reference.

Part of the government’s long term decentralise plans to encourage companies to set up offices off the Central Business District so as to bring about quality jobs closer to home.

As a result, the development of Regional Business Centres at the Eastern region (Tampines Regional Centre), Western region (Jurong Gateway) of Singapore has evolved over the years with enhanced communication and transport infrastructure to support the companies operating there. You will find a perfect mix of entertainment, office, retail, residential, banks, Post Office, F&B outlets and many other business complementary products and services. It has turned these sleepy suburb into a vibrant commercial hub,

The up and coming hotspot is the northern region (Woodlands regional centre) where the government plans to develop it into the commercial hub of the north in the next 10 to 15 years. Once developed, it will be as vibrant as the other 2 regional centre that caters for the residents staying at the north a place where they work and play closer to homes.

Office Building Directory Categorised By Region.
Please see the following list of office locations that are categorised by the different region of Singapore. It will give you a better idea of the various commercial office buildings that are available in the different region of Singapore. You can call us to enquire more on the availability of the space that fit your requirements.

Central Business District (CBD)


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